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Vietnam foods - part 1
Vietnam is an agricultural country in tropical ...

Mè xửng Candy - sprinkled sesame

Mè xửng Candy -  sprinkled sesame

Sprinkled sesame Hue is plastic, made from blended malt with peanuts (peanut oil), covered with sesame candy around, cut small cubes (small cellophane bags) pack in box . Name of Sesame candy made ​​by two factors including sesame (sesame) and pulses (from the conversion of special plastics). Also has sesame bean flour, malt, rice paper ..... Interchange plus the reduction in raw materials is the most important factor. It makes different kinds of Sesame.

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Mè xửng Thiên Hương 400g
This price for a box of Me Xung Candy - sesame sprinkled gum, weight=400g.   ..
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