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About us

We started the business 4 years ago. We sell Fengshui stone, natural gemstone Jewelry to domestic customers; and ships in bottles, cigarettes to international customers. For a long time, We finally discover 1 kind of potential product: FOOD.

Do you know what 9foods means? 9 kinds of food? No. 9 (nine) has similar spelling as "nice". Yes, Vietnam foods are very nice & delicious. Do you know:

"Vietnam - the world's kitchen" - Philip Kotler

"Obama's family love trying a wide variety of international cuisines, including Vietnamese dishes" White House executive chief Cristeta Comerford said

And why don't you tried it, as Obama and Philip Kotler? You don't need to have billions of Dollar as them. Just some bucks! We want to make long-terms deal with people who is interested in International foods.

Because all products have expired periods, we don't keep in stock anything. We just buy from suppliers while we have orders. So, you'll receive the newest foods. But, the apperance may be a little different, we will compentate your lost if the quality, quantity is lower than stated.


We always ship by Air Mail, 2-3 weeks to arrive. There is tracking number which you can check on your local post office website (usps.com for US). Insurance is included.

Some kind of foods need certification. If it passed, we'll ship, if not, a full refund will be offered.

We aren't resonsible if your local customs deny the food. If it's returned back to us, we will offer you a partial refund.

We ship to all countries in the world.


We accept and recommend Paypal.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at kogiay@yahoo.com


Nice food from Vietnam - kogiay@yahoo.com