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small Cu Do candy (Kẹo cu đơ loại nhỏ

small Cu Do candy (Kẹo cu đơ loại nhỏ
small Cu Do candy (Kẹo cu đơ loại nhỏ
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Cu do Candy is a specialty of Ha Tinh. It made from molasses, sugar, malt, ginger, peanuts. They are poured into two pieces of pine cake. Nuts is sprinkled with sesame coated medium black, pure cane syrup, not sweetened. When cooking a percentage added to the candy malt has just recently fragrant crusty, not mealy like cooking with sugar candy. Eating crunchy candy that old, the cool sweetness of molasses, malt, the fleshy fat of peanut, sesame, warm pancakes and spicy ginger. The Cu do cake is more delicious while drinking green tea together. The fatty, sweet, spicy, tart of measuring instruments to meet a culinary philosophy of Ha Tinh. Take away the close, visitors do not forget to bring this special category as a gift for relatives and friends

This item is for a box of 10 pcs of Cu Do candy small size.


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